EXODUS AEROSPACE: Future Service to Low Earth Orbit.


My blog writing experience began with a bible study, http://wordtrail.wordpress.com/  and expanded into technology http://exospace.wordpress.com/ as I began to publish our proposal for an efficient space launch technology.  Technology is limiting me to keep my feet on the ground, while faith inspires hope for higher possibilities.  Science fiction gets close to demonstrating faith at times though, so this new blog may connect heaven and earth a bit.

If low earth orbit is the first step, what is the destination?  What is our space venture expected to support?  Colonization and mining are exciting goals, but they are expensive to start.  Gold miners in America delivered profits mainly to the vendors of hardware…and transportation.  Early miners had to risk travel in Indian country or storms at sea, and invested heavily in reaching their fields of dreams.

What should investors expect to motivate interest in our venture’s transportation tools?  Today we hope to deliver an evolved solution to future travelers to space.  Ultimately our solution will be replaced by better technology.  If we assume we can offer savings and safety, we still need motivated passengers.  Does the destination promise the needed travel rate?  Will man remain motivated to move outward?

We can see new technologies developing by observation.  We can also observe the growing motivation for space travel in many areas of our society.  We can see it in actual national and private space ventures.  We can see it in literature and film arts.  It is presented in religion and even in the behavior of life itself.  Plants and animals try to defy gravity and soar into the heavens.  Human efforts still seem limited by the confusion of the tower of Babel.  We do not yet have a unified federation of planets or even nations.

We have fear of being destroyed or damaged by impacts of objects from space, but this has not motivated a unified response.  We are even feeding a fear of alien races from space, but are not moved to act on this dim possibility.  It seems unconceivable that so many galaxies could not have produced other life forms, but we are comfortable for now.  I have a thought that could make others very uncomfortable.


Probability or statistical math may suggest multiple life sources, and possibly even multiple universes.  I would like to define universe as being universal, or all inclusive.  That will still allow “sub-universes” to exist for multiple light/energy creations.  In any case we want to know more about the beginning.

Probability or statistical math would project the likelihood of various conditions when there is enough data available to calculate.  There is one condition where statistical projection is limited.  Have you ever heard the expression “First time for everything”?  At some instant there may have been only one atom, one star, one galaxy.  At that instant there may have been NO life forms as we know them.  But many insist that there was ONE.  In greek that would be the “Alpha”.

Uh-oh, here comes a sermon!  It is true that religion has often presented versions of creation by a great spirit.  But do we really need intelligence behind creation?  Perhaps we have a science driven universe that threatens disaster if asteroids stray too close.  Or we may have an intelligence that is wrapped in all of nature and the universe which shows mercy to all.  Most religions suggest a god who will filter out those who would endanger others.  These imply some judgment and rejection as a possibility.  In any case religion is one area of humanity that influences our vision of space.

To escape the religious right one may find sanctuary in Hollywood.  They are not famous for religion…at least until they discovered the box office power of church people.  Certainly science fiction has been a safe medium for liberal morality.  This has been good when mainstream society needs correction, such as in racial relations.  There are times when the far left has been given the ammunition of righteousness which was missed by the “right”.  In World War Two the Soviet Union was first to discover the Nazi death camps in Poland.  Their reports were dismissed as propaganda by the west…for a season.  It is possible to miss important revelations when we ignore valid points made by our opposition.

Science fiction films and books may eventually bore us with speculative “science” and soap opera.  At some point many reach out to propose some mystical spiritual solutions.  There may be “aliens” who approach god like powers, or miracles to save the universe.  Audiences still look for a property that cannot be measured by scientific metrics.  Star Trek presented an episode where several space species discovered a common ancestry with humans.  An earlier race supposedly “seeded” the universe with their offspring.  Now I see an interesting and imaginative possibility.

More than one religion reports that we were prevented from reaching space in ancient times by the confusion of our languages.  We still have division in our space efforts to this day, but that same scripture says that God knew that we could have reached the heavens had we not been slowed.  The bible suggests that we cannot fully imagine what is really available to us.  Our imagination is a partial window to what is possible.

It has been suggested that life itself is seeded from outer space.  We have imagined seeding humanoid life forms in space.  Whatever you think guides this we are still available to an interesting possibility: We may be the first sentient life as we know it…WE MAY BE ALONE. 


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