What do we fear more than being alone?  If we turn out to be the first sentient species in creation, do we not have a frightening responsibility?  Is this the revelation of terror or opportunity?  I hate to destabilize your plans and dreams, but we may not be where we assume ourselves to be in the path of creation.

If we are in the first time, we have a trinity of free will opportunity now.

(1)The raw nature of science may be ready to seed the universe with the first sentient life forms.

(2)There may be some intelligence in the universe guiding this process…or not.

(3)There may be a God who will enforce a selection process over who seeds his future plan.

If I am alone with physics, I fear the whole balance of the universe may have us at risk.  One planet holds the hope of our race.  It may indeed be time for an Exodus.  We have an imperative to learn how to live and grow outside of our known Earth environment.  We also have to get over our differences to save ourselves.  Investors can find confidence in our future in this: We are leaving the planet…ASAP!

If you consider an uncertain spirit we may view space as a great nursery for the future.  At times the Klingon characters of Star Trek have seemed a bit like our impression of the Russians.  Perhaps the Russians and Americans will seed a Federation of space races.  Will there be Borg and Shadow forces waiting to keep our traditions of blood and glory alive forever?  Or will we just infect the universe with our own inherent hatred?  This could inspire investment in escaping as far as possible from our own kind.

An ancient Jewish king suggested that man is created as a lesser being than the angels, but has a greater destiny.  We already have the imagination to envision great things in space.  Are we actually predestinated to become like our creator?  Are we free to emulate him by seeding the planets?  Prophesy is often a human life story that predicts what God intends to do in the future.  We may be ready to invest in a path to our destiny.



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