SETI  is listening for alien life forms.  If alien life forms are listening to us, why don’t they answer?  We have been sending radio, television, and now satellite internet for many decades now.  Perhaps that is an answer in itself.

If we have released all this information into the universe, what have we presented?  We have our biological history of big fish eating the smaller fish, and there is always a bigger fish waiting.  Our human history offers Genghis Khan, the Romans, the Inquisition, the Holocaust and many, many, wars.

Perhaps aliens have come to investigate.  They may want to land where being a little different is expected.  If they pose as a minority group their neighbors may not notice little errors of language or customs.  They might have visited Iran and posed as Christians or Jews.  Perhaps they visited the southern United States in the 1930s as African Americans.  Perhaps they attempted to express their friendship by telling a group of rednecks that they were quite gay.  The word seems to be appropriate in the older dictionaries at least.

Since we are growing out of those dark ways now, perhaps they look at our vision of the future.  They could watch science fiction and what we expect extraterrestrials to be like.  We are bored without Klingons, Borg, or Shadow forces to bring us a glorious war.  Since we have not met any real aliens, we can only draw on our own human history to create such visions of horror.  Aliens probably know that we don’t have any evidence to prove that they are this evil.  They must know that our fears are really about finding others like us out there.

If your phone rang, and the voice condensed all the horrors of humanity into that brief call, would you answer?


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