Are we Jesus to all who see us,

are our actions true to what we say?

Do we live as he who frees us,

or are we carnal to his dismay?


As we see our western history,

we have to admit the white man’s lies.

With dismay we learn what’s in our past,

revised history leaves us surprised.


Modern wars are based on high moral ground,

never from sin that is totally crass.

For me to lie should never be found,

or prison camps to be about grab-ass.


If thoughts of My Lai or Abu-Garib

are coming to mind, that’s not from me.

There must be conscience that is still alive

that desires truth to be made free.


We no longer make treaties out of lies,

we are now the honorable nation.

Compensation to their population

still leaves some with only reservations.


If temptation is still an unlocked door,

a Satan must still be a living truth.

While carnal flesh still wants to play the whore,

every person is a potential brute.


Oh I’m all right because I’m not a white,

we were all their victims, we were their slaves.

Sin is black and dung is brown, all flesh sins,

and is buried underground in their graves.


Eyes of blue or brown, lies are never white,

good men long ago failed this very test.

God made the law and chose a great nation,

but death was the prize for all of their best.


Don’t think that we live in a place that’s right,

but turn to God for help that is the truth.

He sent his own son, on whom sin was hung,

On a tree he yielded all to brutes.


Geronimo and all soldiers do need

release from anger, vengeance and warfare.

When we do surrender all of our greed,

as Geronimo did, we lose our care.


His enemies claimed to know this Jesus,

who makes us all sons of great Israel.

At old Fort Sill that great Indian chief

accepted the king who brings all relief.


One treaty will stand for eternity

one chief over all under Israel.

Israel, rise and come to Messiah,

The truth still lives because it never fell.






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