OH MY…ALL THOSE YEARS! I guess my newly re-discovered Facebook friends may need a little update on where I have been over these years.  Some of you got last contact after I got blessed with a lot of new responsibilities connected to getting married. I had been a bit wild after my tour in Vietnam, but the “Jesus Hippies” at the old “Lord’s House” in Livonia Michigan had some better ideas for me.  I talked to Pastor John about my drinking problems.  He told me not to quit drinking, but rather to surrender my life to Jesus and let him show me what to fix.  That made me realize that this nut really expected God to speak for himself!  When I got a little paranoid about the problems that I didn’t tell him about I knew that I too could expect God to answer if I called.  So I did.  I met a young man on the front porch of The Lord’s House, and he took no chance I would change my mind walking to the altar…he led me to pray for forgiveness there on the porch! Changed… I quit smoking, drinking, drugging, porning, cussin, and eating and drinking.  After a week I ate and drank again, breaking my fast.  I still lived in the house with my party buddies, who were a bit stunned.  One Friday night they planned to have a party, which threatened to limit my sleep before working my overtime the following Saturday.  Before I went to the Friday youth service I went around the house with my bible, casting the devil out of all the rooms.  Jesus freak! After church I came home to find everyone sitting around moping.  One tipsy partier had hidden the tapper valve to the keg as a prank, and couldn’t remember where he hid it.  The girls didn’t show up, and everyone (except me) was bummed out.  Baby Christians are dangerous! Well that is history before I started going to other churches in search of more “meat” in the teaching.  I tried some big churches, and one offered a big singles ministry.  One gal confided that she wanted to get a husband soon to father her kids.  She just didn’t tell us whose husband she was after.  There went one of our deacons!  Eventually I was asked to help with a Royal Ranger ministry in a small church in Livonia Michigan. Rangers are a Christian version of the Boy Scouts, which is only appropriate.  The Boy Scouts were copied from the Boy’s Brigade, a Christian ministry in England.  This little church really needed help, but had little to offer in the way of singles ministry.  I was reluctant to tackle sorting out a disorganized ministry like that.  I had a little argument with God.  You can’t win those.  So I moved to Livonia Assembly of God under Pastor Charles and Diana Schwartz.  There were just a lot of families and kids and lots of work to do.  I just didn’t know that a couple of those kids had a single mom…for a while. Yeah, I wound up invited to breakfast before church a couple of times.  Then we had a building project for the Royal Rangers way out west in Missouri.  A few families went with us including Carolyn, Scott, and Laura.  One couple assumed the role of “chaperones” to be sure no one was growing any inappropriate interests.  While there was no monkey business, there did seem to be some cupid business that lingered after the trip was over.



So by now you have figured out that David Luther and Carolyn Reaver brought Scott and Laura together in one unified household…by holy matrimony of course. We turned two households into one and shared good times, lean times, and times that required faith.  You can’t do this right without faith, because life is not all smooth sailing.  Contract employment is full of changes.  Some of those changes moved us to Lake Orion Michigan and some ten years at Mount Zion Church of Clarkston.  The winds of change were coming though. Carolyn and I had completed a three ministry training course, and we expected pastors to offer prophesy for our ministry service to come.  I’m glad I didn’t get a look at that road or I might have chickened out.  But it was all good in the end. When General Motors laid me off there were no jobs with my design software in the Detroit area.  I got my first taste of aerospace work with Hamilton Sundstrand in Rockford Illinois.  Eventually we had to sell our home and move to an apartment in Byron Illinois.  Some belongings were given away, and others went into storage.  I got very familiar with rental trailers and heavy moving.



I had interest in aerospace going back to my rocketry in high school.  In Michigan I offered a computer design class in the church community center.  We were to provide blueprints for rocket guys competing in new space contests.  I lost the class when we moved, but I made a lot of contacts with new space rocket scientists.  I also had some time working on fighter jets and later rockets at Aerojet in California.  That was fun and became a bit of a hobby helping these guys build space ship dreams.


Employment was getting shorter and harder to find.  We moved to Peroria, Tennessee, and then Pennsylvania.  Tennessee was almost a vacation as Carolyn had roots there and we had a beautiful little cottage on the mountain top.  We were also seeing signs that Carolyn needed to get a medical checkup.  She made a decision to go see the kids in Michigan first though. That night Carolyn visited with the kids in Scott’s trailer, where Laura and her son Alexander were also staying.  The next day the kids were unable to wake her.  She was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a large brain tumor.  We were able to revive my cobra coverage and get surgery performed.  For four months we prayed, and she was moved to Scott’s house in Laura’s care while still in a coma. Prayer earned us a reward.  Carolyn awakened from the coma smiling broadly to see her grandson playing in their home.  She was unable to fully communicate, but responded to prayer from church members and being with her family.  The doctors had us mover her to a nursing home for therapy, which offered hope but wasn’t quite what Carolyn wanted.  In a few days a blood clot took her from us.  We were rewarded to be able to say that we love her, and to say good bye in effect.  That is so much better than a sudden parting or having harsh words. I never have felt that she is gone.  My faith in her and her Lord makes passing through the veil seem natural.  There are many good believers on that side waiting for us, and I have a total confidence of the reality of biblical promise.  This life is only the entrance exam for the real life on that side.  Carolyn has passed her entrance exam, and I still seem to have unfinished homework…my life story!


Grandma with ‘Zander

 Revealed Signifigance

The mystery explained…why this heart was broken


Scott, Laura, Loving Family and Friends:

We have received a very special gift.  Carolyn shared her life with generosity.  I am honored to be one flesh by marriage with this loving saint.  I am united with her in this bond, to be her representative here in this life.  She is our representative in the next life as we all know the spirit of God testifies to our Spirits.

I am honored to be the stepfather of honorable children.  Scott demonstrated personal sacrifice in caring for his sister in times of need.  Laura has given of herself through nursing care for her mother.  These were sacrifices of responsibility and hard work.  Carolyn is aware and proud of your reflection of her own giving ways.  You have the mark of the calling of God on your lives, as shown by your actions.

Carolyn and I have that first desire to remind you of the support of Jesus, who is closer than a brother.  A father in heaven is more supportive than any family in this life.  Carolyn reflected his glory in her patience with us.  I try to behave in a godly way, yet remind you to be patience of my own weakness.  No human flesh will be able to replace the God who you need to call on in times of crisis.  All flesh is weak at times.  I’m sure you remember that I am at best a crazy old rocket scientist.

I am her representative here, if not the best half of our union.  When God gives me ability, I will be your support system here in this life.  If I don’t have the help you need, I will relay your requests to our father in heaven. ( I may also ask my dad for a loan if I don’t have the money!)

As you know, I am designing space ships for two aerospace ventures now.  I expect to get filthy rich and leave you all a great inheritance.  This may at least spare you the expenses of my funeral.  I like the idea of going to the moon in a vertical Viking Space Ship, a flying ball of fiery liquid oxygen and rocket fuel funeral ship.

If I ever face the nursing home or hospital experience, I will probably volunteer to be a test pilot for these rocket boys.  I am not sure I could endure the medical morons of little faith.  Carolyn was able to wake up in Laura’s home surrounded by her loving family.

I am sure it was hard to feel helpless, unable to move or speak.  She endured our care giving, and manhandling with patience as always.  She had no privacy, but felt the tenderness of family providing her needs.  She gave us a chance to say “We love you” in many ways.  She responded with big smiles, knowing exactly where she was.  When told of moving to the nursing home, she shed some tears.  But she cooperated with a spirited effort for rehabilitation.  She was learning to talk and eat again.

We can not know if we could have succeeded in a full rehabilitation.  The Lord may have spared us all a horrible ordeal.  Yet he gave us a chance to say goodbye without grief.  We had hope for her then, and should still have that hope now.  She and her father Calvin have arrived together in the Promised Land.  Her Grandparents, and a host of saints before, anchor our faith in the promises of Jesus, and the salvation of these saints.  Trust their testimony, and the witness of the Holy Spirit in your hearts.

All we ask is that you will follow us to where this old Bible has been leading us.  Hear the Holy Spirit and he will show you the path to join us there.  I would rather be the spiritual father of children of faith than the natural father of children who reject our hope.  I am impressed that you will make us both proud, as you have for all of these years.


Carolyn’s grandparents were pillars of the Assembly of God, and grandma always favored the old hymn “It is well with my Soul”.  So it is with me now. I continued the pursuit of employment across America for several years:

Plymouth, MI

Redford MI

Lake Orion, MI

Hatfield PA

Newfield NY

Reading PA

Byron IL

Pekin, IL

Lake City, TN

Bellefonte, PA

Grand Prairie TX

Arlington, TX

Richfield, MN

Waverly IA,

Wilsonville, OR

Fort Wayne IN.

Mesa, AZ

Wheatland WY

At one point all employment ended and I became “unemployable”.  When unemployment ran out I moved to Mesa Arizona to live with my 95 year old father.  I needed shelter, and he needed a caregiver.  That seems like a harsh road, but I am glad to have shared dad’s golden years.  Shortly after his 95th birthday, dad moved through the veil too. I told my brother that he could have the house, and bought a trailer with my inheritance.  I had been spending my nights working on the computer with a cheap computer drafting software.  By now I had some ideas for the aerospace industry.  I obtained two patents for a space launch system that may offer some savings over current practices.  It may have more value to the unmanned aircraft industry though.  In any case I have a new paradigm: If you can’t join them, lick them…I am competing with the companies that wouldn’t hire me now.  Private space ventures are the new industry of America now.  I have customer interest in a couple of areas and I set out to find out who is serious.  You will find my blog and Facebook group chronicle a journey from model testing to a tour of American aerospace incubators. In 2012 I left Arizona for California, Wyoming, Kansas, Michigan, and the air show in Oshkosh Wisconsin.  I bought a house in tax-friendly Wyoming and brought my furniture back from storage in Illinois.  We are working towards some unique solutions and possibly a little income to supplement my Social Security. So I am loving the mountains in Wyoming and Arizona depending on where summer is at.  I am working harder now than what my employers got out of me.  Dog and I welcome you to our journals on line and to a lot of wild ideas.  But my great treasure is my bible study.  I write slowly, but I am in the Psalms now. I should warn Christians and everyone that I do not fit any “cookie cutter” or “pigeon hole” definition of Christianity.  I will offend some of you in my writing.  I take the scriptural warning against railing seriously, and will rebuke folks for yelling at other’s behavior.  We have our hands full keeping our own noses clean. Jesus was easy on sinners but hard on religious fanatics.  I didn’t write the bible, but I do relate what I see as I read these passages.  There is a vast wealth in the words of the bible, and Jesus is the word, the bible.  I hope everyone discovers a relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  What is that? We pray to “our father in heaven”, we read (Jesus) the word, and we relate to Christians who share the Holy Spirit within them.  This is the balance of Christian life that keeps us away from gossip, unbelief, and unforgiveness.  So here are the offerings of the life I live, hoping to demonstrate my representation of Jesus.  Feel free to scroll way back to the happy days building model airplanes in Arizona! http://wordtrail.wordpress.com/






  1. Dave, this is Doug whose home you shared at the beginning of one of your Rockford gigs. I am in a similar “unemployaabl3” (full time) situation but I have SSI and 3 parttime jobs: Harbor Freight, Electrical Construction, and fixing model trains. I also do other handyman work. Helen & I got married in 2008; she is a college librarian again at College of DuPage, where I took my electrical apprentice classes., We will be at Oshkosh from Thursday 7-31-14 to 8-3-14, staying at the Christian School on the north side of OSH. It was recommended by another flying club member–we’ve got a little bit old for camping. Our email and phone numbers are the same.

    >>> Doug Drummond.

  2. wb9idj says:

    Update from Douglas Drummond: In addition to the jobs I mentioned in my May 26, 2014 posting, I now tutor high school and college students at College of DuPage, a community college in the western Chicago suburbs. I also tutor through an online service called WyzAnt. Their logo is an insect with thick glasses: The Wise Ant. I have regular hours though the college, where my wife Helen is a full-time librarian. She plans to retire sometime next year; I’m already ‘semi-retired’ like Dave.

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