FATHER, SON, AND HOLY GHOST. Our God is one, and three. How can that be?
I presented this in three posts on Facebook. Did anyone GET IT?

It’s not exactly about three persons as much as three aspects of relationship. We need to have a relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost to have balance in our lives. One can go off course if one element is neglected. So we relate to God through PRAYER, BIBLE STUDY, AND RIGHTEOUS FELOWSHIP.    Even if you are Jewish you practise these elements!


If the word, the bible, or Torah represents Messiah, Yahweh or God is also represented in this book. Jesus, Yeshua, taught us to pray to God or the father in heaven. If we read the word to relate to Jesus, we pray to relate to God the Father.

The bible is life instructions, and Yeshua gave us a demonstration of devotion to total self sacrifice. He was able to achieve this with the encouragement of his relationship with our father. Yaweh loved him and gave him the robe of royalty. Men were jealous and led him to his death. We put the nails and the spears to him. We presumed him to be dead.

Yet when he reappears to us he will not bring revenge, but forgiveness to his brothers. His father will rejoice to see his son faithful in spite of the treachery of his other sons. This son Jeshhua was faithful to his father in prison and in promotion. His father’s love was confirmed in the good example and mercy the son demonstrated.

The example of this type of Messiah is seen in the story of Joseph, who delivered Israel from famine and from the punishment that his brothers deserved. They presumed him to be dead but he returned salvation instead of judgment. A prayer relationship with God the Father can enable us to be sons of God as well.

One day Israel will revive the prayer life that will bring all the sons of Jacob toghether again, including many adopted sons among the gentiles. For a season there may be hardships but a promise and a relationship is already established for them. If you have a prayer relationship with the Father and the son, the word, that he loves, you too will be among the sons of God.


If Jesus was called “The Word” then he is represented today by the bible. If you belong to him, you belong to the bible, which is our only contact point with him. Once his words are familiar we have information for sound life decisions. We can’t lose our connection or experience a power outage if we have the mind of Christ.

The survival of this text suggests that God would not leave us without a guide to measure ourselves by. Since God is real, he meets his obligation to be fair by delivering a standard for measurement. The good news is that we can’t measure up; we need his help. He came to help, he fulfilled the word, and left himself with us as the bible.

Some of you are his sheep and you know his voice. When you hear the bible, you know that you are hearing him. He knocks, and asks to come into your heart and mind. If you read and learn you bring his hope into your heart and mind. If you life by this word you become his body, and he lives again through you.

The word is the bread of life and living water. It produces life in you, and you become the bible to others. Your application of wisdom becomes your life and reflects the love of God to others around us. When we live the word we become examples of the word and others recognize their master’s voice in our lives. We become him.

This is spiritual, not scientific. No one can measure the force or mass of God. You don’t need advanced study to become forgiving and forgiven. This makes God available to the uneducated, poor, and weak people who can simply accept a gift from God. No one lives without sin, and no one dies without hope.

In the words of this book is the only name by which people can be saved. Yeshua Hamashia to Israel or Jesus to the gentiles. To many he died on the cross, but they also thought that about Joseph until they recognized him as their salvation. Yeshua too will return from the dead again to bring salvation to Israel.

Within these words Yeshua already lives, as these are living words. Enter the covers of the book that covers our sins and find a relationship with our hope. We can have a relationship with Yeshua by consuming the bread of life. Trusting these words to change us brings us into a relationship with a real savior. There are no other sources of eternal life.


PREMONITIONS. Wikipedia reports: “Precognition is considered hallucination by mainstream psychiatry”. So much for all the people who have experienced it. Sorry, scientists, this isn’t meant for you. But for people of faith it should be your comfort. If you get bad news early it could offer you comfort. Something out there knows more than scientists do, and offers you a preview of bad new coming. Someone wants to break the news to you as a friend, before it seems like there is no help. There is some one who wants to be closer than a brother, a friend who says, “But I am still with you,” When the church describes the “Holy Spirit” they know that comforting messages can be shared among the congregation, and in sermons. You don’t have to wait for bad news to receive comfort. The Holy Spirit is also known as “The Comforter” and he is not exclusive to Pentecostal gatherings either. Spirit filled Christians can introduce you to The Comforter.


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