I am not a “cookie cutter” Christian after 69 years of observation. I want SCRIPTURE foundations for my decisions, and may differ at times from common thought. I take sermon notes since my own ministry classes, and seek line on line steps to validate all ideas. These are some of the thoughts I find in my observations:


Who are the real victims? Life offers everyone pleasure, pain, and death. Innocent aborted babies have all three very suddenly, but GO TO HEAVEN immediately. Those who SEND them there have a LONG time for pleasure, pain, and later death. They are the ones who will need Christian compassion. Will they get it when they do finally feel the guilt or will they be terrified by the condemnation of unforgiving and judgmental false christians?

When people turned to idolatry God turned them over to deviant behavior. (Romans 1:21-27) Perhaps they really DO have a genetic deviation, God has not published how he made them change. In any case NO science or therapy can fix what God has put in place. However they may discover a desire for God when HE calls them. You are not able to call anyone until God calls them. (John 6:44) Will there be any Christians who have not become totally repugnant to the LGBT community when they do hear that call?

Will other people provide godly counsel to couples? People in one of our churches spread a false rumor that our pastor’s wife was a lesbian. They voted them out of the church and then got a pastor they liked. He allowed people to come into his office and gossip. This pastor eventually got the church kicked out of the (AG) denomination. Be careful what you wish for. The district placed the first pastor in another church where they served out their years in peace. Their God was a partner in their relationship when the congregation partnered with the darkness. Not every spirit in man is Holy.

When I asked a Jesus hippy pastor about my drinking problem, he told me NOT to quit drinking. He told me to give my life to Jesus and let HIM guide me. I was impressed to realize that the pastor actually believed that God would speak for himself. No strict religious rules of law or rituals were needed. God doesn’t need a pastor to tell us everything we must to do. Pastors only need to introduce us to Jesus so we know who really has the only truth we need.

These people are frightened by Republican fanatics (not real Christians) who promote fear and bigotry. They are seduced by fears when they are isolated from  Christians. They turn to wealthy donors and corporations to protect them from their own perceived fears. They spread their fears and recruit others to vote with them.  But some are Christians and even Republicans can join an old Jew who recognizes the real issues.

These claim to have the only godly candidates even while they are supported by their own wealthy patrons and corporations. These expect favors from the candidates they bribe, and the results often corrupt govenrment, the environment, and the economy. Both parties react to fear motivation with little reason or validation of rumors and false accusations.

Whatever happens in the election, it’s been really FUN to support Bernie Sanders as being more acceptable than ANY Republican candidate or that security risk some Democrats love. Better to have an honestly crazy socialist who sees the REAL corruption than a bunch of self proclaimed Christians (?) who prefer the company of companies to that of their neighbors. When all the other candidates are hired by thugs and threaten to oppress nearly everybody for a lost cause, then we need those old hippies who haven’t forgotten how to question authority. Lost cause? Real Christians are too few to win by votes, and cannot legislate morality. Prohibition is dead. But they should be targeting that which causes hard working families to have a substandard living. We could actually work with many others to end corruption. Bernie is just the right annoyance to render an appropriate SLAP to the foolishness of BOTH parties. Win or lose this revolution will go on. It’s already a bipartisan effort.

As I live, saith the Lord God, Sodom thy sister hath not done, she nor her daughters, as thou hast done, thou and thy daughters. Behold, THIS WAS THE INIQUITY OF THY SISTER SODOM, PRIDE, FULNESS OF BREAD, AND ABUNDANCE OF IDLENESS WAS IN HER AND IN HER DAUGHTERS, NEITHER DID SHE STRENGTHEN THE HAND OF THE POOR AND NEEDY. And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good. Ezekiel 16:48-50


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