Christians seem to focus on single issues with pit bull tenacity. So we want to make laws to control others but what if we don’t have the votes to do it? Can we consider doing somthing that is both scriptural and possible to achieve? Let’s take a look at this.

God made his law only to prove that mortals can NOT obey perfection. His law kills us. Our legal efforts tried to stop abortion and gay rights. We may never be able to do either, but does it matter?

God gave man free will to do right or wrong. We chose not to do wrong but we cannot stop all the wrong that others do. Jail for abortion will drive women to seek illegal or foreign help. Marriage for gays is only an imitation of what is holy and makes no real difference to our lives.

The constitution protects our right to teach truth in church but if laws changed then we would just disobey. I do not believe the constitution will be changed any time soon, but we are ready to obey God anyway, right?

Now who needs to be saved, the people going to heaven or those going to hell? the latter, right? Aborted babies feel pleasure, pain and death like all of us, but they go straight to heaven and are saved. Those who commit abortion need salvation, but they don’t need our hate. Are we loving them into the church, or hating them away? Jonah didn’t want to see his enemies saved and resisted God. Guess who won?

Likewise, who is loving the gay people into the church? I agree that we teach the bible answers but we can still show ourselves to be tolerant and forgiving. If someone claims to be Christian and teaches fornication they should be corrected. But the lost are lost until they are found. We have a duty to win souls, not elections. Who is doing that?

Now loud insulting protests and public misbehavior have a name: RAILING. Railers will not go to heaven…look it up! Sounds a little one of our candidates huh? Can we find a good candidate in the absense of anyone who is both godly and able to win the election? It may be time to find at least one scriptural principle that we CAN help by working WITH people in spite of differences.

Greatly overlooked by Christians is how their demand for conservative values has been sold out to donors who have selfish interest in buying candidates. The result of unrestrained capitalism is greed and poverty. There are bipartican efforts to overcome this, but only one candidate who has remained free of this great auction. His long association with communism and socialism is terrifying to us old flag wavers.

We used to fear godless communism passionately, but is godless capitalism any better? We are still slaves to the bosses who deceive us all. When the crimes of industry are revealed no one listens to the pain of the people being harmed. We don’t even notice our own poverty when we are working so hard to gain so little. There are many scriptures warning us NOT to honor the wealthy while they oppress the poor. Do we listen to the word of God here?

Our faith calls us to reflect and repent. We see many shameful ideas being promoted and crimes uncovered among our conserviative groups. We are contributing to the works of darkness in the name of Jesus. We can repent and find ways to do good works again. If you can’t find a Christian leader, consider a Jew who points to the golden rule. Too many candidates are doing unto others as no one should ever do to ANYONE.


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