Well, the Republicans have won the election.  Many Republicans are not happy with the candidate but hope that he will be better for America than the Democratic candidate.  Christians hope that President Trump will manifest the mind of Christ after so much prayer.  If he is a new Christian, he probably needs some growth and guidance.  But will he listen to advice or to God?  If his past problem behaviors manifest there may be some rough spots ahead of us.

Actually, Trump’s enemies won’t wait for much of an excuse.  He has enemies in both parties and we can expect politics to continue as usual.  Since the Republicans control Congress they can’t fight Trump too hard if they want their agenda to move ahead.  So the Republican party will go along with the program while it serves them.  A problem remains in the area of finance corruption, which both parties have been buried in.  Trump has railed against corruption but he is recruiting lobbyists for his team.  Everyone will be watching to see what is really going to get done.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have had the slap in the face that both parties needed.  They will recognize the popular revulsion with the Clinton criminal legacy.  All the young Sanders supporters certainly do.  Bernie is already releasing a book about the continuing revolution.  His campaign against corruption has been consistent for decades.  If the Democrats tap that energy and clean house they may gain momentum over the next four years.  One should remember that with Clinton removed, a lot of independent voters would rather have the new Democrats than Trump.  The Democrats outnumber Republicans and could be empowered by independent votes.

One should remember that both parties have valid points in some areas and some serious error in others.  There is a chance that a brave new future may allow opponents to actually listen to each other and identify areas they can agree to work together on.  If Republicans and Democrats can’t do that then the bipartisan anti-corruption movement is already doing it.  Mayday 1, Represent US and others have passed anti-corruption bills in several states in this election.  If the Republicans are overconfident in this narrow victory the corruption issue will either grow worse or be forgotten.  But the opposition may find it to be a solid campaign tool.

So now Republican hopes are hanging on a perfect Donald Trump performance.  If there are failures it will give ammunition to the opposition.  If he does everything the Republicans want it will still leave a lot of enemies after such a close election.  This would be a good time to learn how to listen, to really consider different views, and to pray for unity.  But the partisan divide may belong to diehard hard-heads on both sides.  If Republicans want to see a real victory they will have to make greater changes than this narrow victory motivates.  It may be better to be defeated and get motivated to do what the nation needs instead of what dark money donors want.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown…especially in the information age.  Dark money and dark secrets have a way of surfacing in October.  Corporations and foreign governments have used donations to influence our government in greater degrees lately.  When they do harm to our citizens a lot of noise is made, but little gets changed.  The Democrats got hammered over these kinds of revelations this year.  The Republicans may be next if they are associated with their usual shady corporate partners.  Other traditional Republican ideals may need to be reexamined.  Watch for evidence of possible errors or opportunities to do more good.

If Democrats learned lessons, and Republicans are not overconfident we may see some bipartisan progress.  Otherwise, this narrow Republican victory may become a one term presidency.  Donald Trump has some reluctant support and some fierce opposition in nearly equal numbers.  His ability to win over the opposition by diplomacy is not his strong point.  He and his party need to change in order to change America.


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