Exodus Aerospace is an agile aerospace startup with innovations and patents for space launch.  Our wealth is in our partners and vendors who are willing to support our mission.  Our need is to validate horizontal launch concepts and anchor this value with experienced leadership.  I hope we can display a few points to show how this has value for you.

HORIZONTAL IN LINE LAUNCH STAGING…WHAT IS “H.I.L.L.S.”?  This is a key for horizontal launch.  By joining of two delta wing aircraft, nose to tail, they operate as one aircraft powered by the first stage until separation to deliver the second stage and payloads to orbital missions.


PATENT US 8528853 B2   http://www.google.nl/patents/US8528853

By moving our orbiter to the front, the mass of its wings is fully employed to produce lift.  This allows the booster wings to shrink, saving mass there.  The smaller craft also becomes a sharp nose cone to the larger craft instead of increasing frontal area.  By using a blended wing body form we add the efficiency of a lifting fuselage per the concepts of Burnelli.  The lifting bodies maximize internal volume and still allow runway operations.  Stage separation in emergencies can rescue payloads or crews for lower insurance rates.

With growing interest in air breathing launch vehicles we see others being validated.  Prof. Shripad P. Mahulikar from the Aerospace Department, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay has published Thermal Design for Reusable Hypersonic Vehicles (RHV)  This proposes to limit thermal issues through sweep angles and nose shapes similar to our own forms.  We see the same sweep angle and design features here.  Our first stage is optimized for takeoff at lower speeds, emulating the favorable vortex of the Concorde.

P5.4 PLAN1

We have published a summary of multiple solutions like this in THE VISION on WordPress.  That portrays how an orbiter like the Dream Chaser might be delivered with in-line staging.  We see a major revolution in this potential.

Wings have aided the Pegasus on ascent, and the X-37 on reentry.  No one has proposed to use them on both phases of a launch mission.  If wings are working they are not a parasitic mass.  By shaving drag and mass, horizontal launch becomes highly advantaged.  As new propulsion technologies are coming on line they will need a viable airframe to harvest atmospheric oxygen.  With improved thermal protection we may see high supersonic or even hypersonic launches.  Spacex has validated partial reusability.  It is reasonable to expect other ventures to build on that progress.

For our business partners we can offer patent ownership that delivers exclusive opportunity.  The path of development may be eased by suborbital research missions as we grow.  With aircraft type operations payloads may be launched and landed with gentle low “G” force flights.  There is a real potential for atmospheric applications for drones and fuel efficient passenger vehicles.  For orbital missions we may offer either an expendable or a reusable upper stage.  The X-37 has given the Air Force a reliable vehicle that both delivers and returns payloads, an excellent role model.


While speed in the atmosphere is hard to do it can help space launch.  For investors we may see an opportunity to help propulsion companies get their products in the air.  Rocket engines and guidance systems also offer opportunities for development programs.  We may even be in a position to assist with hypersonic development programs.  Our small prototypes may help with the first steps towards giant leaps.

Clearly this is a big undertaking so we need a professional organization.  We have seen a good following on LinkedIn and top experienced professionals have not been scared off.  Our team is a mix of varied experience, all in need of solid funding.  We have vendor affiliations of high value in Wyoming and Colorado too.  We have a startup fundraising consultant and an experienced recruiter.  New space and old space are represented.  Now we need to demonstrate that aero and space are ready to talk to each other again.

Can you see yourself in a venture that will change the business of space launch?  We need dynamic leadership that is recognized by this industry for real innovation.  We are prepared to incorporate and deliver equity in a solid business.  For us the time has come to land financial support and move ahead with engineering, fabrication, and testing.  Can we set up a conference call with you and our board?  This dream will fly; Wings to space, the Wright stuff.



Luther, David


Beasley, Joseph Craig


Johnson, Gary


Jon David Cunningham                  


Thomas LaRosa                              


Michael Genest                        


Christopher Smith                           



EXODUS AEROSPACE LLC  http://www.exodusaerospace.com/

905 15TH ST WHEATLAND, WY, 82201

DAVID I. LUTHER  diluther@exodusaerospace.com


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